The Black Entrepreneur Mental Health Initiative (BEMHI) believes mental health services should be accessible to all

That's why BEMHI offers entrepreneurs and essential workers the opportunity to engage with culturally appropriate mental health supports and wellness sessions at no cost.

The life of a Black professional is filled with dramatic highs and lows -

Systemic Racism

Due to systemic racism, those lows hit harder and more frequently for Black entrepreneurs and essential workers.

Wellness Stigma

Unfortunately, many Black community members do not seek out mental health care due to cultural stigma resulting in them trying to cope with anxiety alone.

Finding Help

Identifying culturally appropriate mental health services can be difficult even at the best of times. BEMHI places applicants with a local practitioner who can understand, from first-hand experience, the nuances of being Black.

From January - April 2022, BEMHI is connecting 200 entrepreneurs and essential workers with the opportunity to participate in five one-hour sessions with a therapist at no cost.

Applications are currently open to residents of Ontario and Quebec.
A brief history

In 2020, Innovate Inclusion launched BEMHI in direct response to increased anxieties felt by founders due to the pandemic.

to date, we have been able to coordinate:

Therapy Sessions

for entrepreneurs across Ontario who identify as Black


with culturally appropriate health and wellness practitioners

Wellness Webinars

offering peer-to-peer experiences that explore various topics around well-being.

This year, BEMHI is expanding — we are now offering this service to Black entrepreneurs and essential workers across Ontario and Quebec.

The BEMHI application is a simple three-step process. Participants are accepted to the program on a first-come, first-serve basis.


1. Register for Program

1. Register for Program

Fill out the form below, you will receive an email with details on how to complete your registration.

2. Select Practitioner*

2. Select Practitioner*

Once approved, browse through our list of practitioners (or specialties) to find one that best meets your needs.

3. Receive Assistance

3. Receive Assistance

Book appointments with your practitioner, complete five one-hour sessions before April 15, 2022.
*Depending on availability, we will do our best to place applicants with their practitioner of choice.

Our curated list of practitioners offer culturally appropriate care

Participants can access one of 20 practitioners in Ontario and Quebec that offer services in various areas of focus, including:

The Black Entrepreneurship Mental Health Initiative is made possible through the dedication of organizations committed to creating change through equity within the BIPOC community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Black Entrepreneurs Mental Health Initiative (BEMHI) FAQs

How do I apply for BEMHI?

BEMHI intake is currently closed, but feel free to follow our  social media page for updates.

Am I eligible to apply for BEMHI?

Successful applicants will meet the following guidelines:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age;
  • Must agree to completing  five one-hour therapy session before April 15, 2022;
  • Must identify as a member of a racialized community;
  • Must be an entrepreneur or essential worker;
  • Must complete a feedback survey prior to, and after program completion;
  • Must reside in Ontario or Quebec.

Why are BEMHI sessions free?

BEMHI is a program developed by Innovate Inclusion supported by community partners dedicated to the mental and physical well-being of historically excluded communities.

Who makes the therapy payments?

We want to make this process as easy as possible, so therapists bill BEMHI directly, leaving you free to focus on your well-being.

How does BEMHI protect my privacy?

The information shared with your therapist is private and confidential. 

Applicants are asked to complete anonymous  feedback surveys before and after completing the program. Survey responses are private, but the aggregate data will be used by Innovate Inclusion to improve BEMHI, gain insight on issues faced by Black professionals, and to develop future programming.

What if I want to switch therapists?

Simply reach out to your account manager at BEMHI and we will work together to find a therapist that better fits your needs.

Early feedback tells us that BEMHI clinicians receive requests for additional support/sessions after program completion!

Are you a clinician interested in offering your services through BEMHI?

Join our clinician list to be notified when we expand to your region. Submit an inquiry by entering your email below, and our program administrator will be in contact.
Don’t worry, we won’t spam you.